Posted by: tayleni | September 28, 2010

Waiting For My Dream Job at the Beach

There’s an actual heatwave in SoCal and the temps have reached into the 100’s.  I decided that instead of being semi-productive on my day off, I would be extremely productive by biking to the beach and laying on the sand all day long.  I multi-tasked like a banshee today.  I got exercise, a tan, and expanded my vocabulary and imagination by reading a book (Lynze, I think you would like it. You can read it during Christmas).  Badda bing, badda boom.  The Route was a good one… about 8.5 miles round trip.  Something I noticed: there are a lot of expensive car dealerships in Newport…  I’m thinking about renting this for a special occasion…

And the rest of my afternoon consisted of this:

Followed by enjoying this:

Reason #72 I love California: It’s almost October and I can still go to the beach all day.


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